Wish List for the MakerSpace

Little things that would make the space better. If you have them, you can bring them!

This is a list that you can edit, see the edit button below.

Please add an item to the list and mention your account, so questions can be asked to you. If the box is checked, it means it is purchased. Add your name as a purchaser/donator then, please :slight_smile: Talk to @DomAman about refunds before you buy something!

There is already a white board in the corridor wall to the clean room. That can be used, too.

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Now, we have a document to gather the information on equipment that we would like to purchase. This document resides is only available on invite by @RovV and resides here:


I moved some things over.

Please add anything that should be bought to that document. If we wish for things that do not need to be bought but asked for and waited for, please comment here!