Workshop/Yard storage project proposals

I think the next step, as we actually start using the space for making properly and bring in the public is to sort out a lot of storage spaces.

The places I have identified as possible spots for improved/additional storage are:

Wood room:

  • Under work bench
  • Under oversize shelves
  • Doorway under lockers
  • Under Xcarve
  • Atop metal cabinet


  • Slim storage by the boiler

Clean Room:

  • 3D printer cupboard. Rob says he will grab some Billy Bookcases from Ikea this weekend.
  • Very much open to ideas on this one! We will need to have storage for new components and reclaimed ones. It would be nice to have thoughts on how we integrate these in a tidy and accessible way to help users find what they need and encourage use of reclaimed parts

Store room:

  • Hoping to get rid of the remaining garden tools, then shift the shelves into the corner
  • We can then either fit in the misc shelving already there or take it elsewhere.


Wood store:

  • Already have plans to put dry timber/sheet material in C1 on racks already designed.

Seasoning shed:

  • The Caretakers have done excellent work clearing behind the containers. When the last few trees and bushes are gone, we will level the area and build the seasoning shed there.

Recycling/Waste hide:

  • We need a single place to keep recycling and black bags in the dry, at present they are just dumped willy-nilly. Plan is to put a shelter by the gate under the tree made of pallets and roofed with felt/green.

Steel stock:

  • We will have a 7.5m steel stock store next to the Fab container which is well underway thanks to the welding skills of Zoe!

If I have missed anything please do call it out!

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  • You could add the shelf for the 3d printers to the list.
  • It would be good to remove the CNC from there
  • We (mostly me) were thinking about a sofa in the corner.
  • The vacuum former table might be a bit in the way of doing things there - if we could move that - but where (maybe off topic)
  • movable containers with drawers

What do you think?

Yep, definitely want the CNC engravers out of there. I was thinking we could keep them in there until they are working, that is the space set out for doing computer work and most of the setup will be that side.

If no-one is using the Vac former shall we move it to Plastics for storage? That will free up that big, heavy table for machine setup space.

Not a hard no on the sofa, but something else will definitely have to go. I would like the heavy table moved to plastics eventually too but it’s damned heavy!

I’ll have a look into suitable containers. Wheely would be good, can get them out of the way or accessible as needed.