X-Carve - CNC cutting and engraving for wood


  • Pictures of the machine
  • Pictures of products made with it
  • Where the tool is located
  • Where to find documentation
  • Who is responsible to maintain it and to speak to if it breaks
  • A checklist to go though when there is an induction going on.
  • Where all the different parts are.
  • Age limit and similar limits to using it.
  • Who can give an induction
  • Who was inducted.

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We attached a relay to the socket to switch the vacuum cleaner and the drill on and off.
Someone commented on our post:

Sometimes the sockets have those protective mechanisms, and sometimes they don’t.
For a standard domestic socket model, it’s less likely than in industrial socket models.
There are models of socket with in-built trip-switches for each socket, but from picture 3, you don’t seem to have those there.
It might be worth checking the overall power on each ring main that you are using.
If the overall draw is more than is available, then that might be a reason for the intermittency. - BillySmith@mastodon.social

The X-Carve has two outputs to control the motor of the mill:

  • 10V 0V yes/no
  • PWM

both work.

We tried attaching a PN2222 transistor the the relais that power the 230V sockets. That does not work.

Now, I use a L293D - a motor driver which is far more powerful in current.